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Packed with painters and writers, photographers and urban advocates, the TOKY team cares deeply about how culture is created and made central to a city’s life.

Creating Artist Videos: The Luminary’s Lot 49

The Luminary dedicates itself to being a standard-bearer for emerging, global art talent. They have worldwide recognition as a fierce voice for independent and world changing artists. This St. Louis incubator wants to see art thrive locally and foster St. Louis’ reputation as part of the larger global art community. So when they asked TOKY for a multimedia event marketing strategy, we couldn’t help but get behind it.

New Laumeier Brand Identity Invites Shifting Perspectives

With the completion of a new fine arts center, Laumeier Sculpture Park wanted to think bigger. In looking toward the future, Laumeier sought a redesigned brand identity — a new focal point, a new space, and a whole new look from the ground up. TOKY was happy to work with Laumeier on this exciting new phase of their growth and deliver a new brand palette, logo, and branded website in time for their gala opening.