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Firecracker Pizza & Beer Mural in Communication Arts’ Design Annual 58

Firecracker Mural in CA

Our copy of Communication Arts’ Design Annual 58 just arrived, and we’re delighted to see the mural we designed for Firecracker Pizza & Beer among the work included. 

Firecracker Mural in CA


Firecracker Pizza & Beer is a new lo-fi and beer-forward restaurant. This exterior mural is a representation of the playful, energetic Firecracker brand. Inspired by vintage firecracker labels, the mural echoes the pizzeria’s punk rock vibe with playful copy and illustrations throughout.


Firecracker Pizza & Beer Mural


“As a brand, Firecracker Pizza & Beer evokes the nostalgia of vintage firework package graphics that are full of cartoonish illustrations, iconic shapes and symbols, bold and unusual colors, whimsical fonts, and amusing titles.”

– Chip Schloss, Owner at Firecracker Pizza & Beer 

Painted by our friend Scott Pondrom of Design Deli, the mural is at the corner of Manchester and Talmage in St. Louis’ Grove neighborhood, right outside the future Firecracker Pizza & Beer.


Detail shot of Firecracker Pizza mural


In addition to Communication Arts’ Design Annual 58, the Firecracker mural also appeared in the 22nd annual AIGA St. Louis Design Show and the 2017 St. Louis ADDY Awards. For updates on the restaurant’s opening day, visit the Firecracker Pizza & Beer Facebook page

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Written by Katherine Leonard