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Shift Earns a Spot in CA’s 2017 Typography Annual

Shift, Test Kitchen & Takeout Packaging

For the fourth year in a row, TOKY will have work included in Communication Arts’ juried Typography Annual. This year, the judges have selected our branding for Shift, Test Kitchen & Take Out.




Shift’s menu rotates from day to day, giving chefs the chance to experiment with a range of different cuisines. The restaurant needed a brand that would reflect that constant evolution, while also creating an approachable, lunch-friendly aesthetic.

“I want [Shift] to be an incubator, essentially, for restaurants we’re opening in the future and different types of cuisine we want to try out and experiment with, whether it’s a new restaurant or our existing restaurants.”

– Dave Bailey, Owner at Baileys’ Restaurants in an interview with Feast


TOKY created an identity that “shifts” between traditional and experimental typefaces. The resulting look feels familiar, but with a touch of the unexpected.Shift Test Kitchen GIF

Shift Test Kitchen Packaging

Shift Test Kitchen Interior Shot

Shift Test Kitchen Tape

Shift Test Kitchen Bag


Shift marks TOKY’s seventh inclusion since Communication Arts Typography Annual’s inception in 2011. Past honorees include:

2011: Miles Davis Jazz Festival Identity

2012: Core of Discovery Identity

2014: Woody Guthrie Center Identity

2015: Le Chat Putain Identity, Mound City Brochures

2016: SWT Living Design

To see our Shift work in action, check out the always-rotating menu at 313 N. 11th Street in St. Louis.

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Written by Katherine Leonard