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TOKY Earns Five St. Louis ADDY Awards — Plus Five Certificates of Excellence — in the 2013 Competition

TOKY ADDY 2013 Awards

In January we announced that TOKY had earned more than ten ADDY nominations in the St. Louis competition, providing a special graphic illustrating how the awards touched every part of our practice (and both coasts of the country).

We’re thrilled to share that when the big award night came a few weeks ago, we heard “TOKY” sound out from the stage five times. Our complete list of wins is below, and we’ve posted a handful of photographs and images in this Facebook gallery. As always, congrats to our winning clients!



ADDY Awards

  • Baileys’ Fifth Wheel, Logo
  • Caravus, Logo (post)
  • St. Louis Design Week, App (post)
  • St. Louis Public Library Foundation, Gala Invitation, Invitation (post)
  • TOKY PROOF, Volume 01, Newsletter (post)

ADDY Certificates of Excellence 

  • Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Gala Invitation, Invitation (post)
  • Gregg Museum of Art, “Art Without Artists,” Book (post)
  • SPACES, Website (post)
  • St. Louis Public Library Foundation, Gala Video, Video (post; in association with Once Films)
  • Washington University in St. Louis, Portraits of the Energy Impoverished, Book (holding site; more on this major project soon!)


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Written by Stephen Schenkenberg