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AdSaint Interviews Eric & Mary Thoelke

The folks at St. Louis marketing blog AdSaint stopped by TOKY HQ a month or so ago to chat with Eric and Mary for the publication’s “Getting to Know You” series. In the resulting video — embedded below and at the AdSaint site — the two talk about the TOKY staff, our clients, St. Louis, Midtown, and more. Thanks to AdSaint for stopping by!

AdSaint’s introduction:

For most couples, balancing work and home is always a high wire act, for Mary and Eric Thoelke, that balancing act goes on 24/7

The couple spend their days in the middle of the hottest creative neighborhood’s in St. Louis, Midtown Alley. As owners of TOKY Branding + Design, they balance each other out with Eric heading the creative side and Mary running the operations side. Then it’s back home for this husband and wife team to spend time with their kids.

TOKY is very mission-driven, looking at the needs of its clients before the creative process begins.

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Written by Stephen Schenkenberg