Liz Mohl specializes in visual identity and brand strategy, publication design, and environmental graphics. At TOKY, she has designed for a wide range of applications within the architecture, education, non-profit, and healthcare sectors. Her work has received recognition from AIGA, Communication Arts, HOWGraphis, and LogoLounge. Before joining TOKY, Liz spent several years working with Perkins+Will | Eva Maddox Branded Environments in Chicago.

Paintbrush, pencil, or press?


Perfect Saturday morning?

Coffee and farmers market in the fall.

Best part of designing my house:

Being the client.

Bubble bus or party bus? 

Bubble bus.

Magazine I love:


Favorite children’s book illustrator?

Joohee Yoon.

In my Netflix queue:

13th, Narcos, Master of None, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Favorite typeface:

Depends on the context.