Katie Coughlan has experience ranging from shoe design to web design, giving her a unique perspective on user experience and how an audience will interact with her work. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from Webster University, and has been featured in several AIGA-sponsored design shows and competitions including the AIGA Design Show 21 in St. Louis, Adobe Creative Jam, and Command-X at the 2016 AIGA Design Conference in Las Vegas. Katie’s client experience includes work for healthcare, engineering, and manufacturing companies.


Jigsaw puzzles, painting, binging true crime documentaries and playing armchair detective

Drink of choice:

Diet Cherry Pepsi

Most used app:

I love Hue

Most memorable work trip:

Shoe shopping in Hong Kong, perusing material markets in Guangzhou, and collaborating with the team in Dongguan

Hidden talent:


In my Netflix queue:

Embarrassingly, any dystopian-themed TV show or movie — especially if it involves zombies

If I wasn’t a designer:

I’d be a courtroom sketch artist

Favorite music genre:

90’s Pop Rock