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Case Study

Corgan Website


TOKY designed, wrote, and developed a fully responsive website that captures Corgan’s culture, honors the beauty of their craft, and helps them connect with potential clients and new hires.
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6 device mockup-r
7 web layouts

Website Discovery

During the Discovery phase, interviews and extensive research translated into a well-organized site map and user-inspired wireframes.

8 wireframes

Brand Application for Web

TOKY built a versatile UI system that follows the Brand Guidelines and creates visual cohesion throughout the site. Applying this UI system to content blocks, we enabled Corgan to design flexible, yet highly polished pages with their in-house team.

10 UI
11 content blocks

Market and Expertise Pages

Users can quickly navigate to the most relevant content by market or expertise, allowing Corgan to demonstrate depth and breadth from the navigation level down.

13 markets

Collections of News and Insights

To better demonstrate Corgan’s insight, articles with similar topics were grouped into collections that encourage additional exploration.

14 collections

Movement and Dimensionality

By utilizing motion in user interactions, page load animations, carousel transitions, parallax scrolling, and branded videos, we used the site as a canvas to reflect Corgan’s focus on “agility in design.”


We absolutely love our new site. Better yet — we love working with team TOKY! Your team makes it look easy. Thank you!

Lindsay Wilson, PresidentCorgan


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