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Introducing Studio Eagle: The Workplace Redefined

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With a new name, new look, and new space, this is the beginning of an exciting new era for Studio Eagle, the New Jersey-based workplace design firm formerly known as The Eagle Group.

Studio Eagle Logo


Over the past several months, we redefined the Studio Eagle brand to give this young, ambitious team the messaging, identity, and digital tools to win larger, more visible, and design-forward workplace projects.

Research: Discovering Distinctions

We kicked off the rebranding process with thorough research, including in-depth interviews with leadership, employees, clients, and partners. Through conversation, analysis, and competitive review, we articulated what sets the team apart: Far-Sighted Strategy, Design-Driven Solutions, and Risk-Free Integrated Delivery.

Studio Eagle’s new tagline, “The Workplace Redefined,” speaks to the firm’s design-led, strategic approach to creating workplace environments.


We turned the firm’s brand pillars — Far-Sighted Strategy, Design-Driven Solutions, and Risk-Free Integrated Delivery — into brand icons that are used on the site and throughout marketing materials.

Name & Identity: Collaboration Front & Center

Research revealed that the firm’s existing name — The Eagle Group — stood out as a point of confusion. The word “Group” led audiences to believe that the team focused on logistics or advertising rather than workplace design. With this discovery, TOKY began exploring new naming options. Together, we landed on Studio Eagle, which carries over the equity of “Eagle” while hinting at the team’s collaborative work style.

The new name called for an update to the firm’s identity. We replaced the existing logo with a sophisticated mark that positions Studio Eagle as a serious design firm.


The new brand identity (right) replaces a more literal interpretation of the firm’s former name, The Eagle Group (left).


Website: Showcasing Stories & Strategy

With the new name, messaging, and identity in place, TOKY took on Studio Eagle’s digital presence. The new site is designed to reflect the principles laid out in the brand platform, emphasizing the firm’s strategic, design-led, and collaborative workplace philosophy.



Projects are introduced with results-driven headlines, directing visitors to individual case studies that bring these stories to life through prominent slideshows, key project stats, and informative yet brief project descriptions. Within each case study, visitors are encouraged to continue exploring the portfolio through a selection of related projects.



Our team also tackled copywriting for the website using the established brand messaging as a guide to introduce the firm’s culture, people, and project approach with an engaging and consistent voice.

Blog Posts & Social Media: A Collaborative Digital Presence

We used staff interviews as a foundation to create a series of blog posts showcasing the design team as bright, collaborative, and strategic individuals. TOKY-authored posts include a how-to article on using workplace design to ease employees into a merger or acquisition; a behind-the-scenes look at an upcoming project; and an introduction to the new Studio Eagle name, brand, and space.



Finally, we worked with the firm’s brand and marketing team to create a comprehensive social media strategy plan, including campaign ideas and day-to-day guidelines for post frequency and type. This toolkit gives staff the resources they need to craft content to announce the new brand launch, introduce members of the team, and showcase projects for months and years to come.

Congratulations to the entire Studio Eagle team on this exciting new chapter and what’s to come. Cheers!

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Written by Katherine Leonard