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Branding Small Batch: Logos, Signage, and a Sneak Peek Inside


Over the past decade, we’ve worked with the Baileys’ Restaurant Family on branding for Baileys’ Chocolate BarRooster, Bridge, Baileys’ Range, and Fifth Wheel.


Fortunately for us, David Bailey’s most recent project — Small Batch — landed not just in our beloved neighborhood of Midtown Alley, but directly below TOKY headquarters at 3001 Locust Street.

David knew early on that this would be a bistro-style concept with meatless seasonal fare and whiskey. With that in mind, we got to work building an identity for the restaurant, from name to logo to signage. The logo pulls inspiration from an old-fashioned whiskey label, as do the marks pictured below, which will eventually land on Small Batch’s menu, coasters, and large outdoor banners.

Small Batch Logo Marks by TOKY

The exterior hanging blade signage, which you can see designer Travis Brown working on in the image below, is modeled after the demarcation you might find outside a tiny bistro on the streets of Paris.

Small Batch Exterior Signage by TOKY

As the restaurant’s name, logo, and branding evolved in our office, the floor below slowly but surely bloomed from a former Model T showroom into a cozy bistro. Here are a few sneak previews of the space. In case you’re curious, that incredible hand-screened wallpaper — complete with fire hydrants, parking meters, and rats — is from Flavor Paper in Brooklyn.

Small Bar Mezzanine

Small Batch Light

Small Batch Wall Paper

For a look at the finished brand, check out our Small Batch case study.

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Written by Katherine Leonard