From personalized service to breathtaking outdoor spaces and top-notch amenities, the standard of living at The Gatesworth is simply unmatched. To continue to attract discerning residents, though, this senior living community needed messaging and marketing materials to reflect that luxury experience.

Exceptional People. Exceptional Lives.

To begin, TOKY conducted in-depth research, including a thorough industry best practices review and interviews with the organization’s leadership, residents, families of residents, and potential residents. These findings paved the way for new messaging, which is based in an aspirational new purpose: Inspiring Exceptional People to Live Exceptional Lives.

Capturing a Lifestyle

With the new messaging in place, TOKY set out to create a premium visual brand. Since The Gatesworth team wanted to keep the existing logo, we turned instead to photography, capturing a lifestyle of service and luxury that feels more like an upscale hotel than a senior living establishment. These images appear in print advertisements as well as the new website.

Attracting Residents Online

Next, TOKY took the new luxury brand online, using elegant textures, lively photography, and aspirational copy to give potential residents a taste of what life is like at The Gatesworth. From fine dining and cultural events to an exceptional staff, the community’s upscale amenities take the digital spotlight.

Quiet Moments

The site’s new Experience section features a series of videos that capture quiet moments at The Gatesworth: a day in the greenhouse; dinner by the fire; a chauffeured ride to town. These vignettes paint a picture of the community’s laid back luxury.

Gatesworth Stories

To document the exceptional lives of Gatesworth residents, we took a photojournalist’s approach, capturing a series of lifestyle portraits. From a retired journalist focused on helping the next generation of storytellers, to a 96-year-old ping pong champion, these photographs showcase the lively people who call The Gateworth home. These photos appear in a series of print advertorials as well as the site’s new Our Stories section.