Headquartered in Phoenix, SWCA is an environmental planning firm that works to preserve natural and cultural resources for tomorrow while enabling projects that benefit people today. SWCA enlisted TOKY to redesign its website, highlighting the team’s important work through case studies, team profiles, and data.

Building a Case

The site’s eight Market landing pages highlight SWCA offerings in key industries including Water, Oil & Gas, and Transportation. Each Market page introduces the individual team members leading these practice areas, then pulls in related case studies, and finally encourages visitors to “take the next step” by contacting the firm.

Bringing Great Content to the Forefront

The firm has long published The Wire, an award-winning news magazine covering updates and trends relevant to the environmental consulting industry. The new design brings these features forward, promoting the latest news throughout the site and encouraging visitors to subscribe for future updates.

Historical Highlights

Founded in 1981, the firm has grown from a small collective of ecologists to a diverse group of scientists, researchers, and professionals. To highlight this growth, we paired key company milestones with historic snapshots from throughout the years.


“We have had nothing but positive feedback since the launch of the site. Clients, recruits, and our employees have expressed how much they like the new We certainly hit the WOW factor!”

— Michelle Weigman, Corporate Communications Manager / SWCA



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