Saint Louis Fashion Week aims to showcase fashion, elevate emerging designers, and tell the behind-the-scenes stories of the people and processes that inform the fashion. The event already had an impressive reach and lineup, but needed visuals that were not only worthy of the event itself, but on par with fashion weeks on both coasts.

Process-Centric Identity

The logo’s cut letterforms visually “seam” together the four words, “Saint Louis Fashion Week” — a nod to the creative processes leading up to the big runway show.

Workin’ It

The brand comes to life through clever t-shirts, hashtagged tote bags, and animated videos that bring the entire fashion community into the fold, from students to designers to manufacturers.

Saint Louis Fashion Week t-shirt with the phrase, "Workin' It"

Haute HTML

To help generate excitement and conversation, TOKY built an online experience to coordinate event schedules, share important details about STLFW, and introduce the talented designers featured throughout the week.


“Saint Louis Fashion Week needed a look worthy of the event itself — something bright, forward thinking, and of course fashionable.”

— Geoff Story, Creative Director / TOKY


Brand Identity

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Web Design

Copy Writing


Video, Script & Editing


Branding, AIGA St. Louis Design Show