Patients from around the country come to the MS Center for Innovations in Care for the latest advancements in multiple sclerosis treatments. For years, we’ve partnered with Dr. Barry Singer to create resources that are easily accessible not just to patients of the Center, but to the larger MS community.

A Resource for MS Patients

When Dr. Singer first reached out to us in 2008, there weren’t a lot of online resources available for MS patients. To fill this gap, TOKY designed MS Living Well, an online resource where patients and families can learn about all aspects of multiple sclerosis — from diagnosis and treatment options to inspiration for healthy living.

Carrole’s Story

Being diagnosed with MS is a highly emotional and overwhelming experience. That’s why TOKY worked with Dr. Singer to create “Carrole’s Story,” an animated narrative in which Carrole shares her personal diagnosis story and tips on how she manages her day-to-day symptoms. To help patients understand the science behind their diagnosis, we partnered with Dr. Singer on two additional videos: “Understanding Your MRI” and “The Immune Attack.”


The phrase “I Can With MS” appeared in copy throughout the MS Living Well site, and Dr. Singer saw this language catch on with his own patients and in online MS forums. That insight inspired us to create #ICanWithMS, a microsite that collects and shares inspiring stories from those who refuse to let multiple sclerosis define their lives. Stories can be easily added via Twitter or Instagram using the #ICanWithMS hashtag.



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