Climate change. Rapid urbanization. Species extinction. Inequity. With a declaration to confront these crucial issues, the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) needed a website to inspire action, compelling landscape architects around the world to strive for more sustainable solutions.

The New Landscape Declaration

On the eve of its 50th anniversary, LAF gathered industry leaders to reflect on the past and create a bold plan for the future. The result, the New Landscape Declaration, is a call to action and the inspiration behind the organization’s new website.

“In 1966 a group of landscape architects challenged the country to improve the American landscape. Now I challenge you to improve the global landscape. The vision for all of us is to go beyond our borders and join the world to solve global issues related to the environment. Now is the time for action.”


Values Front and Center

LAF’s vision, mission, and values are integrated throughout the site to give visitors a clear understanding of the organization’s purpose. This allows site managers to showcase timely content without taking additional time and space to explain the who, what, and why.

Inciting Action in the Industry

The goal of LAF’s site was not to create a brochure of the organizational information but to move the industry to action. At the site’s core, the New Landscape Declaration invites visitors to participate in the change, whether through research initiatives, partnerships, or donations.


“Visitors are going to come away with a much better understanding of who we are as an organization and these bigger issues that landscape architects are trying to address.”

— Heather Whitlow, Director of Programs & Communications / Landscape Architecture Foundation


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