Located in St. Louis’ Midtown Alley neighborhood, Hugo’s serves pizza made with locally sourced ingredients. Our ninth collaboration with Baileys’ Restaurant Group, team TOKY was thrilled to develop this quirky and creative brand.


Inspired by Youthful Imagination

TOKY drew inspiration from the restaurant’s namesake, Hugo, the owner’s young son. The “building block” illustrations allude to the sense of wonder and creativity typical of this particular toddler. The blocks can be arranged in many ways to communicate different ideas — not unlike the way diners build a pizza.


The Home-Style Box

The take-home box features a key building-block image: the state of Missouri. It serves as a nod to the pride the Baileys take in supporting independent farms and using fresh, local ingredients.


As a continuation of the building block concept, custom illustrations are integrated throughout the brand materials. The wood texture alludes to the rustic nature of the menu.


Brand Identity

Print Collateral

Menu Design



ADDY Awards LogoGold
St. Louis ADDY Awards, Illustration
Graphis LogoSilver
Graphis Branding 7, Restaurant Branding