TOKY has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with Catholic Health Association (CHA), host of the annual Catholic Health Assembly. Organizers hoped to use the 2017 event to create an open dialogue and bridge differences in the midst of a volatile political moment in the United States.

Building Bridges By Faith

After the 2016 election, the healthcare industry predicted major legislative changes. In the face of the unknown, CHA began “Building Bridges By Faith,” using the national event as a platform to revisit the values that guide Catholic health providers. TOKY designed a brand identity around the theme using the bridge metaphor to show a continuation of faith at the intersections of health and business.

Strength in Unity

The lenticular event invitation layers one image on top of another, engaging viewers with two separate points of view and one united perspective.

Through Lines

Each event poster is designed to stand on its own as a promotional piece, but when the components come together, the series forms a continuous line of bridges symbolizing the powerful connections Assembly attendees build across political and demographic lines.


“I admire your work so much and highly value that even though it’s business, I do feel we’re friends. That makes all the difference!”

— Kim van Oosten, Director, Communications & Marketing / Catholic Health Association


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