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Nice Plug for the New CAM Site: The Post’s “GO!”

The cover story in the Post-Dispatch’s GO! section last week was “The Arts, At Your Fingertips”. They looked at 11 local cultural institutions’ interactive and social media presence. The article was flattering to CAM and the site, quoting Alex Elmestad, CAM’s new media manager: “The whole idea is to make the museum more accessible, more user-friendly…Instead of inundating people with pieces of paper, we want to give them interactive tools to make that information really come alive.”

About the site, they wrote “A newly designed site by local company TOKY provides clean navigation and includes a cool feature that lets users type in a five-word comment that gets posted almost immediately to a blog and on the homepage.” Glad they like the “Why I Love CAM in 5 Words” feature! One never knows what will catch on.

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Written by Eric Thoelke