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Private Residences at the Chase Feature Story

There’s a wonderfully long, flattering article in the new St. Louis At Home magazine about life in The Private Residences at the Chase Park Plaza. We’ve been working with the Chase for the last several years, watching as the upscale condos have sold steadily despite the recession. Reading this article you’ll see why; it makes me want to chuck my deep-woods lifestyle for the restaurants and clubs of the West End and high-rise sophistication. “…This condo is ‘about the views,’ which are eastern, western, and southern. ‘I get up at 5:30 in the morning, and nothing is going on, and I watch the fog rising from the lakes in Forest Park,’ Mrs. Quinn says. ‘It’s a very magical place to live. At dinner you can pretend you are anywhere. I pretend Paris.’ ”   Some homes are sweeter than others.



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Written by Eric Thoelke