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Photographing the Pecha Kucha Night St. Louis Benefit for Haiti

Pecha Kucha Night once again made an appearance in St. Louis last Saturday, February 20th. This time the night was a bit unique, because the theme of the night was to highlight “creativity in light of tragedy” while also showcasing some of the lesser-known creative charitable organizations in the region. The evening was part of a greater global Pecha-Kucha night where over 50 cities participated. All proceeds from the evening went to Architecture for Humanity’s rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

It’s great to see a night where so many people can share ideas and inspire others. There’s a lot of great talent, good ideas, and people doing interesting things in this town to have these events more often than not, and we’re looking forward to the next PK night later this spring.

TOKY Associate Creative Director and Photographer Geoff Story volunteered his time and talent that night to capture the event, below are some highlights from the night. More can be found at

Donate to the PechaKucha for Haiti Fund from the site. All proceeds go directly to Architecture for Humanity 501(c) and will be used solely to build buildings. Design work has already been paid for by donations.

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Written by Jay David