Skip to main content Mentioned in Design Firm Management & Administration mentioned in the Sept. 2009 issue of Design Firm Management & Administration Report as an example of a well-designed website:

“In the large-firm category, St. Louis-based HOK chose to redesign its Web site to showcase the global organization as “One HOK” across all markets, lines of expertise, and geographies. Two other goals were to establish a “consistent, unwavering focus on design excellence” and highlight the firm’s “commitment to sustainable design, thought leadership, and knowledge sharing.” A five-person HOK marketing team did extensive research and planning, including a competitive analysis of other large architectural firm Web sites, before collaborating with St. Louis-based TOKY Branding + Design. The development team selected three simple navigation paths—ideas, work, and HOK, imprinting the “Ideas work” branding message onto HOK—and used state-of-the-art Flash. MCA judges cited the site’s “excellent condensation of information and excellent movement throughout.” A Web Trends analysis showed a 23 percent increase in visits compared to those of the previous year, and HOK was pleased to report that the number of e-mails it received each week doubled.”

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Written by Melissa Allen