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HOK Life

In addition to designing HOK’s new brand, business papers and various web sites, TOKY recently worked with HOK to design, develop and launch its presence on various social networking tools. Most successfully and significantly was HOK’s effort in making the blog at work.

More than just an entertaining peek inside an architecture firm’s offices, Life at HOK is a small revolution in corporate communication.

“The blog Life at HOK is important not so much for what it offers—tales from the HOK cubicle as well as snark-free design-related postings, travelogue, commentary, videos, and ephemera—as for what it represents: a blue-chip firm, the kind of outfit one would expect to tightly control all external communication, allowing more than two dozen of its younger staff to express themselves on company time. (Most of the contributors, located around the globe, are under 35.)”

by Braulio Agnese, Architecture Magazine

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As a kick-off event for the blog launch, all of the contributors were brought to St. Louis, given Flip video cameras, and sent out in groups around town to interview each other and gather footage for some upcoming video spots. Here’s a small collection of some of the highlights from the day:


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Written by Jay David