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Research Analyst

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As a researcher with artistic inclinations, Via bridges creative practices with the social sciences. Originally from Panama City, Panama where her career began at VMLY&R, Via spent several years working as a researcher/strategist in e-learning, consulting, non-profit, DEI, and academic organizations — including a role at Saint Louis University. A serial learner with endless curiosity and energy, Via loves untangling complex problems and finding creative, human-centered solutions. Her passions include aha-moments, uncovering the surprising in the familiar, exploring language and storytelling and material culture.

Favorite play:


Describe your heritage in food:

Moussaka, Arepas, Ceviche

Favorite sport:


In three-ish words, I’m:

A libra, an enneagram 7, a little bit disco

Best Pizza:

Chicken + honey + tzatziki

Alternate-universe career:

Back-up singer/dancer

Via from the future is:


I’m really into:

Therapy, textures, theme parties.