Samuel Bell is an interactive account manager at TOKY, where he works with clients from the initial proposal phase all the way through development. In high school, he founded a web design company called Altec, which he continued to run part time while studying computer science at the University of Missouri. After graduation, he ran Altec full time until starting at TOKY, where he specializes in helping clients with technical problems.

Hidden Talent?

Lock picking.

Pre-TOKY career:

Co-founder at Altec Design.

Last book I read:

The Boys in the Boat

Favorite blogs:

Mr. Money Mustache, Coding Horror, James Clear.

Length of bike commute:

3.8 miles.

Uncle to:

Triplets. All girls.

Podcast I love:

The Tim Ferriss Show.

Best meal in STL:

Food and Moscow Mules at Three Kings. Mint chocolate chip ice cream at Ices Plain & Fancy.