Kelly Smith is a user experience designer at TOKY. She studied interactive design at Maryville University, where she found a passion for user experience and was recognized with the school’s prestigious Interactive Design Award. Kelly interned with TOKY during her last year at Maryville, then spent several years working with design agencies in St. Louis and Boulder, Colorado. These days, Kelly is once again part of the TOKY team, where she creates usable and intuitive digital experiences for clients.

Weekend hobby?


Coolest bird I’ve seen: 

Albino Robin, outside my office window.

Favorite Podcast?

Radio Lab.

Best hike I’ve been on:

Cuicocha Crater Lake Loop in Ecuador.

App I use most:


Source for UX news:


My dog is:

An Australian Shepard with different colored eyes.

Interned at TOKY in: