Irina Pavlova joined TOKY after completing her BFA in Communication Design at the Washington University in St. Louis. There she discovered how visual experiences can intersect with traditional and digital media. Working primarily in print, she crosses into photography, motion graphics, and installation. Before coming to the U.S., she studied English and World History in her hometown of Yaroslavl, Russia.

Favorite ice cream?

Raspberry sorbet, actually.

Hidden talent?

Surprisingly fast walker. Pretty sure I walk faster than I run!

Favorite designer?

Hansje van Halem, a Dutch graphic designer whose typographic work is just mind-blowing. 

Dream vacation destination:

India. I’ve always been fascinated by its culture, history, and people. 


Yaroslavl, Russia. My town is over 1,000 years old. I recommend visiting in summertime. 

Favorite podcast?

This American Life.

My favorite holiday is…

Definitely New Year’s. Who doesn’t love a new beginning? 

Favorite design tool:

My keyboard shortcuts, thanks to my phenomenal Photoshop professor.