Though not a big fan of hats, Geoff Story wears many, including copywriter, designer, photographer, and ad man. He has been with TOKY since 1998, where he has earned a number of industry accolades, including honors from AIGA, Graphis, Communication Arts, HOW, Print, and LogoLounge. Geoff’s personal photography has appeared in exhibits at Mad Art Gallery and Governor French Academy.

Year my house was built:

Around 1864. Lincoln was still breathing.

Favorite feral cat?

Lucy or Mama Cat; turns out they’re both toms.

Best Airbnb I’ve been to:

Deco Dream in Portland.

Camera of choice:


In my Netflix queue:

The Wolfpack.

Recent project I’m proud of:

Laumeier identity.

Grey Gardens or Mommie Dearest?

Do I have to choose? How cruel.

First day at TOKY?

Aprils Fools Day 1998.