New Logo, Now What? How To Do An Internal Brand Rollout

By Molly Gingrich

Companies often focus brand launch efforts on external audiences, forgetting that it’s just as important — if not more important — to get employees on board with the new look and language. 

Perhaps you’ve recently gone through a merger or acquisition, or it was simply time to refresh a tired brand. It’s obvious that you’ll need to spend time and money communicating that to your external audiences. But what about your internal audiences? You expect your employees to sell your brand to customers at every touchpoint — in order to do that, they need to have a solid understanding of who your brand is after this juncture. 

Some of the benefits of doing an internal brand rollout to employees are:

  • A feeling of trust and security in the face of change
  • Consistency in usage of brand materials and messaging at every touchpoint
  • An engaged workforce that believes in and is excited about promoting your brand

Make it Fun

Your company just did a huge thing — celebrate! Hold a launch party or event for the entire company-wide team to introduce everything new. This will position the rebrand as a positive step forward, and you’ll have a captive audience for explaining messaging, strategy, taglines, and more. It’s important to note that you should do this before your new brand is introduced to the public; your employees need to understand what your brand is communicating to the public so they can deliver on those promises.

midwest bank internal brand rollout

After TOKY helped Midwest BankCentre rebrand, they chose to have a huge BBQ at their headquarters to celebrate.

mid america transplant internal brand rollout

Mid-America Transplant also held a fun event for employees after their rebranding.

internal brand rollout Phillips Collection

After TOKY rebranded the Phillips Collection, they even handed out cupcakes at the launch event. Sweets never hurt!

Hand Out Swag

If your budget allows, it’s nice to give people something that they can use or wear to show their support for the new brand. A wearable or useful tool turns your employees into brand ambassadors in and outside of the office. 

internal brand rollout Midwest BankCentre

One of Midwest BankCentre’s branded swag pieces, featuring the new tagline.

internal brand rollout Mid-America transplant

Following the Mid-America transplant rebrand, the team received a whole suite of useful, branded swag.

Follow Up With Training Sessions

The all-company event is a great opportunity to build excitement, but likely members of different teams will have specific questions about how the rebrand impacts their daily tasks. Educational content like editorial and brand guidelines can be distributed and discussed in these smaller settings. The more comfortable your employees are with all of the new information and resources they have at their disposal, the better they will be able to articulate change to customers.

internal brand rollout SWT

As part of the rebranding process for SWT Design, we developed the tagline “Living Design.” For a successful rebrand, employees need to understand and deliver on that vision — and these posters were meant to reinforce that around the office.

Incentivize Engagement

When the rebrand goes fully public, encourage teams to take an active role in promoting it. Tap key employees who indicate they are supportive of the change to be brand ambassadors through social media and in your marketing materials. From this point out, every new employee you bring on should also be on-boarded with the new brand.

internal brand rollout PGAL swag

A few PGAL employees rocking hard hats bearing their new logo, designed by TOKY.

Gather Feedback

After you roll out your new brand, ask your employees how it went. What was done well, and what could have been better? This is your chance to clear up any remaining questions, and to find out if there’s anything your employees need in order to enact your new vision. 

Christner internal brand rollout

Ultimately, your people will be a huge part of whether or not your rebrand is a success.

Looking for some external rollout ideas too? We wrote this blog post a while back where we evaluated some high-profile brand relaunches. Check it out!

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