TOKY’s Gif Thanks

The TOKY offices will be closed Thursday and Friday so that we can all enjoy some time with our families and fill our bellies with amazing food.

So, until Monday, join us to “Gif Thanks” with our favorite holiday-themed .gifs and a few of the dishes we’re looking forward to most.

gif thanks

So, what are some of our favorite dishes on the Thanksgiving table?

Come tomorrow, here’s what we’ll be piling on our plates.

i just wanna eat

Mary’s secret recipe stuffing. Nom nom nom.

// Eric Thoelke, President + Executive Creative Director



Sounds gross. NOT GROSS.

Essentially, it’s Velveeta and other cheeses mixed with roasted garlic and chopped pecans, formed into a log, and rolled in chili powder. It’s a staple in my family and it’s irresistible — especially on top of Ritz crackers.


// Kelcey Towell, Designer

eatin pants

Mmm, mashed potatoes & gravy!

// Angie Haakenson, Senior Interactive Designer


My favorite holiday… Eat, watch football and no gifts…

I enjoy all the food on Thanksgiving, but I have to say, my mom makes the best home made stuffing. It is amazing and I can’t wait to have it again.

// Dan Klevorn, Senior Designer

what im having

I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving, but do love time with the family and my mom’s apple berry pie… yum!

// Liz Mohl, Senior Designer

hahaha no

I look forward to the sweet potatoes (with marshmallow topping)!

// Jenny Huesgen, Receptionist

My plate is filled with mostly roasted Brussels sprouts, homemade cranberry sauce, and butternut squash. Everyone thinks Brussels sprouts are disgusting and I’m not about to let them in on how delicious they actually are. More for me.
// Lindsey Vehlewald, Digital Media Producer

The strategy of real estate on our Thanksgiving plate is serious business. It’s what separates the kids table from the adults.
food first
But, even we have to admit (even though we love our food), there is much more to the holiday than stuffing and deviled eggs. Tomorrow morning when you’re up extra early to begin prepping the bird remember this:
making turkey
When we’re forced together with family weird and wonderful things can happen.
The members of the family who share our unique brand of crazy,
the ones you can count on to say something super awkward and oblivious,
are you serious
and the ones who are WAY too into hugs,
run away
deep down, they all love us, and we love them.
Too sticky sweet? Pass the turkey.
wheres that turkey
Just keep away from my crescent rolls.
crescent rolls
Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at TOKY!