TOKY Friday 5: Halloween Edition

It’s no secret TOKY loves a good party. But we also love a good costume. Obviously, Halloween is a big day for us. From the inspired to the lackluster, here’s a handful of the best (and worst) Halloween costumes we’ve had over the years.

Bert Col Sanders

Best: Spicy Colonel Sanders

I mean, come on. The guy was a Colonel, and it gave me a reason to go to KFC. My hair was so white, that it took a day to get out the dye. I should’ve bought a wig. Yes there’s a rubber chicken in there.

Bert Zombie Lincoln

Worst: Evil Zombie Lincoln

I have no Idea what I was thinking on this one, I believe was watching too much Futurama.

// Robert Paige, Senior Interactive Designer


Best: Ash from “Army of Darkness”

This costume was great on so many levels, its a shame I don’t have any good pictures of it. I built the best cardboard-chainsaw-hand you’ve ever seen, and tied a bunch of leather belts around my torso. Sometimes thats all it takes.

Farmer Ashford

Worst: Some kind of floppy-hatted farm character

Most childhood costumes are terrible. I had my share for hard plastic masks that made your face sweat and cut your tongue when you tried to stick it through the mouth-hole. But this one earns its spot because of how lazy and uninspired it was. I grew up in a farm town, so if you forget about my cousin wearing a bag-o-lantern behind me and this could be any other day of the year. I’m pretty sure my mom found that hat on a discount scarecrow decoration from K-Mart and taped what appears to be half a corn cob to it (as if thats something that anyone has ever done.) I know she was just trying to wrap up early so she could crack open a Bartles & Jaymes. I’d be bitter, but she made my sister go as a rat that year. Way to go, Mom!

// Ashford Stamper, Print Designer

Katy as Kirsten

Best: A former coworker

I dressed up like our former co-worker Kirsten in her derby outfit and showed up at her party that way!


Worst: Jem

In 7th grade (my last trick or treating door-to-door adventure) I dressed up as Jem (of the ‘truly outrageous’ fame). I was just learning about make-up and the ensemble ended up being somewhere between Honey Boo-Boo and streetwalker – costume fail.

 // Katy Fischer, Creative Director

Warhol Monroe

Best: Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe

Everybody thinks of the typical Marilyn costume… white halter dress, sidewalk grate… you know. But it was fun to dress up as a reproduction of a reproduction of a reproduction.

// Kelcey Towell, Designer

Worst: An Historical Pun


I dressed in running gear, complete with a race bib and medal. My tee had a full map of constellations, my jacket had a NASA patch and a USA flag on the back. I carried a tiny stuffed monkey in an astronaut suit with a soviet flag cape. I was (wait for it) The Space Race. I was a nerdy historical pun.

I neglected to consider that all “clever” Halloween costumes must pass the “drunk party guest” test: If it’s not obvious enough to guess after a couple beers, it’s probably too complicated. I thought it was brilliant, but not a single person had a clue what I was supposed to be. I’m still not willing to rule out that I was simply surrounded by idiots, considering only one person had even HEARD of the Space Race.

// Lindsey Vehlewald, Digital Media Producer