TOKY Friday 5: Brewster’s Millions

The routine: Get up in the morning, insert caffeine, sit in rush hour traffic, push papers around on your desk, watch your to-do list grow rather than shrink, sit in rush hour traffic, insert cocktail, sleep. Repeat.

Minding your own business, going about life as usual. What if one day, that all changed?

If you’ve seen the classic Richard Pryor movie, Brewster’s Millions, you have an idea what we’re getting at here. You have a month to blow through $30,000,000 without telling anyone why and you’ll come into $300,000,000 thanks to the bequest of a completely loaded (and previously unknown) relative. You can’t save it, you can’t donate it to charity, and you can’t have any left over after 30 days.

What would you do?

If TOKY were suddenly flush with that kind of dough, we have a few suggestions. We had more than five awesome answers so we’re laying it all out there.


Party like James Bond

casino monte carlo 1

First class flight to Monaco. Blow it all high stakes gambling.

Then, throw a star-studded party in Hollywood and invite one friend. A million dollars would be enough to get even a celebrity to clear their schedule.

// Geoff Story, Creative Director

Join the Silicon Valley Elite


Either buy ~80,000BTC or go invest it all in a few random start-ups in Silicon Valley, and/or Kickstarters.

Maybe I would also throw in a few $100k for a couple Teslas.

(Take that “relative who questions my money managing abilities”!)

// Thomas Quick, Developer

Be an Experience Junkie

raggedy man

First, I’d book a flight with Virgin Galactic to go up in to space since I am tired of waiting for Mars One to come through.

Back on earth, I’d travel to Iceland, Norway, and Sweden to see the Northern Lights. Then down to Mexico to be in the middle of the Monarch butterfly migration.

I’d go to Stunt Drivers’ School – wanted to do that since I was a little kid and watched Mad Max. Once I’d graduated with honors (obviously), I’d buy a black 1967 Corvette Stingray. And probably a chainmaille dress like Tina Turner wore in Beyond Thunderdome because that would be freaking sweet.

Whatever money was left would go toward building a custom hobbit hole.

I would entertain and have massive parties wearing my fabulous chainmaille dress in my hobbit hole with a Stingray in the driveway and show slides of my epic adventures.

// Lindsey Vehlewald, Digital Media Producer

Mmm… Pie

pie gif

I’d secretly buy all the houses around where Paul McKee lives and move all the people he’s displacing from North St. Louis there. Or I’d just eat a lot of pie.

// Eric Thoelke, President + Executive Creative Director

Fund Botany Projects


I would hire a specialized team of scientists, to conduct an experiment for me. It would take years to pull off, but I believe it will solve all the world’s problems. Botanists would create a specialized seed, and some how combine it with the DNA of Benjamin Franklin. After much patience, I would have a tree that blooms $100 bills.

Or I would purchase a Black Lotus.

// Robert Paige, Senior Interactive Designer

Amuse Bill Murray

Bill Murray

If we are going by the true Brewster’s Million rules – nothing to ‘show’ (own) after the 30 days…

I would blow it by commissioning a acoustic evening with Wilco, David Byrne, Beck, Geist, Decemberists, Neutral Milk Hotel and the Stones for one night under the direction of Wes Anderson.

We could call it, An Existential Evening of Extraordinary Elation.

Bill Murray would host.

We would take over a charming Dutch village, mid fall and have a feast like no other.

I’d blow the rest of the 26 days and 4 million on travel with friends and family.

// Katy Fischer, Creative Director
Hey, we didn’t say any of these had to be likely, did we?