TOKY Friday 5: Browser Extensions

In this week’s Friday 5, we’re covering the browser extensions we use to make our work days more enjoyable and efficient.


I use a cool bookmarklet called Resizer. It allows you to easily preview different device sizes.

// Dan Smith, Developer


After giving a few other bookmarking tools a solid effort, I’ve stuck with Icebergs the longest. It’s a nicely designed visual bookmarking system which makes it easy to collaborate and save a bunch of pages that get lost in my brain.

// Jay David, Creative Director


I don’t remember what web development was like before LiveReload and I wouldn’t like to remember.

// Daniel Korte, Developer


I get my latest tech and design news with the most popular Dribbble posts. It couldn’t get any better than that.

// Bert Paige, Senior Interactive Designer 

Dictionary of Numbers

Jane Nagle sent me this and it’s awesome! It’s a great way to understand numbers.

// Katy Fischer, Creative Director