TOKY Friday 5: Best Party Themes

In honor of the TOKY holiday party tonight, for this week’s Friday 5 we’re covering — what else  — party themes. We asked our team for the best themed parties they’ve been to or hosted.

Edward Gorey-inspired Halloween Party

I went to a Edward Gorey-inspired halloween party that was awesome. It was “a dwindling party of doom and gloom” set at my friend’s victorian house in Carondelet. Gorey’s books made it so easy to find a fitting costume — this is one of my faves. I went as Zillian — seemed appropriate.

Edward Gorey// Katy Fischer, Creative Director (image via


Disco Super Hero Dance Party

I really enjoyed the disco super hero dance party my friends and husband threw for me, featureing such characters/costumes as “Captain Car Wash,” “Solid Gold Girl,” and “Leisure Lantern.”


// Jane Winburn, Account Manager (image via kidicarus222)


VD for All

I met my husband at a Valentine’s Day party called “VD for All.” He and his ex threw the party as an all-inclusive fete for singles and couples alike. But really it was a ploy for them to meet each other’s single friends. Mission accomplished, I guess.
// Laura McCarthy, Account Manager (image via jcoterhals)


Tinder Dates Required

This year a friend of mine was invited to a Tinder party, which apparently means that everyone — single or not — is required to bring a date sourced from the app. For those fortunate enough not to know, Tinder is a matchmaking app that combines the “Hot or Not” concept with geolocation, so that you can judge people entirely on looks and their proximity to you. We’ll see how this party works out amongst the couples.
// Katherine Leonard, Content Strategist (image via aaron.delani)


Saran Wrap Party

I went to a party where everyone wrapped themselves in saran wrap. I went as a saran wrap pirate.

Saran Wrap

// Robert Paige, Senior Interactive Designer (image via classic_film)