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TOKY Earns Six Aster Awards for University of Chicago Medicine Identity and Advertising Work

We are thrilled to share a new batch of awards that our client work has earned in one of TOKY’s central sectors: Healthcare.

The 2013 Aster Awards, which honor “excellence in medical marketing” across the U.S., were recently announced, and our work for the University of Chicago Medicine brought home six awards. TOKY’s work on these projects, which included concept, art direction, copywriting, and design, helped UCM earn more Asters than any other hospital in the Chicago region.

Below, you can find award specifics along with images of select winning projects:


1. University of Chicago Medicine Cancer “Parallel Stories” Advertising Series


2. Children’s Hospital Advertising — Comer Children’s Hospital “Parallel Stories” Advertising Series

3. Center for Care and Discovery Newspaper Ads


4. University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences Brand Letterhead


5. University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital Brand Logo Suite


6. Center for Care and Discovery Web Banner Ads


Congratulations to our partners at the University of Chicago Medicine on this national recognition!

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Written by Stephen Schenkenberg