A Dozen Apps We Love — Part 2

There was such an outpouring of great submissions from our tech-centric TOKY staff for A Dozen iPhone Apps We Love, we felt it was the natural next step to publish another set. This time, we included a few apps available on the Google Play store (for other smartphones) as well. Enjoy!

* = also available on the Google Play store

Uniqlo Wake Up*

Geoff Story: “What better way to start the day than having the time and weather sung to you in a nifty little ditty? It even has a Mandarin option.”

8mm Vintage Camera

Kelly Brooks: “This is a five-star video camera app that allows you to take videos with a vintage look to them. There are several different options such as Noir, sepia, 60’s, and 70’s. You can also change the lens to whatever best suits your subject. Now I love to take videos and share them with everyone, since the app allows for easy uploading to YouTube or Facebook.”


Katy Fischer: “Still and motion make love and have a child.”


Katy Fischer: “Sweet, sweet music.”

Annette Gleason: “I use Spotify every day to listen to music during my commute to work, on road trips, at the gym, and even at my house, hooked up to my TV’s surround sound. The app syncs with the playlists I make on my computer. What’s extraordinary is that you can literally search for any music you want to listen to, and there it is!”

Grid Lens

Jay David: “Grid lens allows you to pair up images and create more interesting stories from multiple photos into a single shot. Add border color controls, Instgram-y filters, and some cute monsters to the interface, and you’ve got yourself a nice little photography app.”


Annette Gleason: “I just downloaded this one and was delighted by the unique interactive elements. Check out the way the blog post titles scroll in space. I think the design pushes the envelope, and gets me excited about designing apps! (Plus, Radiolab is one of my favorite podcasts.)”


Katy Fischer: “This is great for last-minute travel booking, especially when I’m sitting in a Steak ‘n Shake at 10 p.m. looking for a hotel.”

What Was There

Jay David: “Historic photos (which can be supplied by anyone online) pinpointed on a map wherever you may be located. What’s great is that the app and website include a fade bar that allows you to compare what was there with what is there now. It’s a great tool that has been slowly populated over the past year — an app I want everyone to know about and contribute to.”


Lauren Crevits: “Based on your location, it shows you where the cheapest gas is and how close it is to you. Sometimes the difference is as much as 20 cents a gallon!”


Katy Fischer: “So, I hate running — like really, really hate it. So I don’t use this app for mapping a run per se. I use it for my walks and the occasional bike ride — which is pretty cool. It records the distance, speed, and even topography of your route. A nice, friendly voice chimes in at every mile to tell you your distance and speed. It keeps track of your personal bests. It also allows you the option of sharing data through social media and challenge friends. The fact that you don’t need to be a runner to take advantage of this app makes me smile. Oh, and it’s free!”

Day One

Stephen Shenkenberg: “I’ve been a somewhat consistent journal-keeper for about 15 years, but I’ve always used small notebooks. Even as more of my life went digital, I’d been reluctant to move this part of it to the screen. But Day One — the universal app for iPhone and iPad, with a fully featured Mac app — has enabled the transition. It’s extremely well done: handsome UI, perfect syncing across devices (via Dropbox or iCloud), password protection, and a Menu Bar Quick Entry option that encourages more frequent (if more concise, and perhaps less precious) use.”

Kelly Brooks: “ tells you which apps are trending. It shows you the top-rated apps as well as which apps your friends are downloading. It has made picking out which app to use much easier, and has broadened my knowledge of what great apps are out there.”