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A Dozen iPhone Apps We Love


If you have an iPhone app you use to keep track of recommendations, launch it now. I just polled the TOKY staff about their favorite such apps, and here’s what they told me.

Cross Process

Geoff Story: “It makes almost any photo look snappier and more interesting without looking like a special effect.”

Jay David: “It’s an app that has been out for a while (considered ancient in app years, at a whopping two-years-old), but I love that it does one thing and does it well. It mimics the look of cross-precessed film by adjusting the colors and contrast. There are no over-complicated controls and it’s quick to use, making regular old iPhone shots just a tiny bit more interesting.”



Tyler Craft: “An invaluable tool that makes developing and testing iPhone apps much easier. This made my life so much easier when developing the CAM app. I can sing its praises all day.”


Our Choice

Eric Thoelke: “I like this interactive book app from Al Gore. Even on my iPhone, it’s a spectacular visual feast, with written and spoken content, and invaluable information for making smart earth-friendly decisions in life and business.”



Lauren Crevits: “I’m a budget dork — love my Mint app.”



Stephen Schenkenberg: “Nothing has changed how and what and when I read as much as the iPhone + Instapaper. Those dozen articles you come across during the day — whether in your browser or your iPhone’s Twitter stream — can be sent to your Instapaper app for distraction-free reading later, whenever the time is right.”


Daniel Korte: “I keep all of my lists (to-do, bucket, buy, movies, music, books, restaurants, etc.) in Clear because it has the best user interface in the App Store, in my opinion.”



Melissa Allen: “I like its clean interface and that it syncs across devices — desktop/iPhone/iPad.”



Meredith Maglinger: “I’m somewhat obsessed with the app. I love looking for new recipes, and the food photography is awesome.”



Logan Alexander: “AstroCantus is a music app that plays the universe like a player piano — each star registers as a different note, depending on size and luminosity. While I don’t use this app nearly as often as Tweetbot or Clear, no other can compare to the amount of sheer delight and wonder given by AstroCantus.”



John Foster: “This is my favorite of about eight different photo apps I have on my iPhone. The app turns a clean photo into a scratched, stained, finger-printed, or aged image, something I like when it works well. I know — it’s the antithesis of how good photographs are judged. But I like the mysterious, artifact-like appearance that I can create.”

Nike Training Club

Jane Nagle: “I especially like the video feature — if the app suggests a particular workout, I can immediately tap to see a video of it in action.”



Deana Myers: “When I travel — for work or for my derby team — I often pull it up for restaurant recommendations based on the neighborhood I’m currently in.”

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Written by Stephen Schenkenberg