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Tuning In To “Typesetting”

We designers love our type, which is why we at TOKY were excited to hear about typesetting (thanks to a tip from our friends at All Along Press). Premiering in April, typesetting is an online documentary series “that explores the relationship between designers, their work, and the cities in which they live.” It’s a theme touched-upon in my Artful Travels post about my visit in New Zealand with Kris Sowersby, whose typefaces often convey the wit typical of his Kiwi countrymen and reflect the rich history of the small islands.

While the first season of typesetting will focus on Central and Eastern European cities, perhaps in the second season they might profile Chatype, a cool initiative in Chattanooga to help the city along the comeback trail. In any case (yes—pun intended), we’ll have a big bowl of popcorn ready for the first episode.

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Written by Logan Alexander