Karen McGrane on the Future of Content Strategy

A terrific keynote presentation by Karen McGrane, delivered at CS Forum London in September 2011. Two of my favorite passages have to do with the role of the CMS, something we take very seriously here at TOKY as we work with clients on relaunches and rebuilds:

If you are in the business of creating content — and, frankly, everybody’s in the business of creating content — your CMS workflow is every bit as tied to revenue as this e-commerce funnel is [pointing to a slide]. And every drop-off, every pain point, everything that is stopping someone from completing their task or doing it well is lost business value for the company.

And a bit later:

The quality of the tools that we use — the quality of the software — directly creates better content. And if we’re creating better content, we have happier users, they’re doing better work, and that is directly going to result in business value. And to me, guys, that’s Content Strategy right there.

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