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SLAP conference this weekend!

Our newest addition, Jane Nagle, has been highly involved in SLAP (St. Louis Arts Project) and is one of the organizers of this weekend’s conference. She’s taken  a minute to describe the awesomeness that will be this weekend’s events below. (poster design Kevin McCoy)


I’ve been involved in the planning of this weekend’s St. Louis Arts Project, or SLAP,  (I even presented the idea at the last PK Night) and wanted to tell you a little about it, and invite you to participate!

The idea formed after our group, the Secret Sound Society, planned an independent music festival last fall on Cherokee, and along the way, met a lot of other groups and individuals doing what they could to make events that they wanted to see in St. Louis happen. After realizing how we could help each other, we wanted to create a larger platform for other groups to meet and make connections that would help them realize their visions for our community. Thus, SLAP.

Event Run-Down:
Thursday, June 16th (CAM) : New Sounds – Free!
The conference weekend kicks off with two events at CAM, the St. Louis Complaints Choir, a music compilation of complaints submitted by St. Louisans, and a “Secret Show”, a concert who’s line-up will remain a secret until they step foot on stage. (Incredibly Vague Hint: 2 of 3 band/performers are not from St. Louis! Worth seeing!)

Friday June 17th (Regional Arts Commission) : Workshops for visual and music minded! 

  • Free!
  • Electronic St. Louis: demos by local electronic artists; an opportunity talk with them about their equipment, or style of playing.
  • A DIY Art Workshop: Make a handy conference booklet through screen-printing, letterpress, and binding demos.
  • Cap off your night with refreshments from The Handlebar, have your photo taken at a special SLAP-themed Fauxto Booth, and watch Current; a collaborative round-robin performance of all participating electronic artists.

Saturday, June 18th (Regional Arts Commission) : Discussion and Action
Panels cover topics encouraging people to become active in their communities, and bring their arts and music ideas to fruition. Speakers and Moderators span from DIY event planners, bands, and solo projects, to community art groups, art institutions, venues, and publications.
That evening, head down to Cherokee Street for the inaugural “Cherokee Stroll”, an effort from businesses and residents to sustain the energy and interest what’s happening on the street, inspired by the recently successful SGC Conference – Free!

Sunday, June 19th (CAM) : Putting it all together
The conference wraps up on Sunday with a few more artist talks, and a culminating conversation, open to all attendees, reflecting on the content of the conference. Refreshments at the closing reception from Urban Chestnut.

Thursday and Friday’s events are free and open to the public!
There’s a $10 registration fee for Saturday and Sunday’s events (excluding Cherokee Stroll, which is free)

Tickets for Saturday and Sunday’s events are here

I hope to see you there!

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Written by Katy Fischer