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TOKY Designs FEAST Magazine: “Tablescapes”

All this week we’re taking a look at the art direction and design TOKY did for St. Louis’ new FEAST Magazine. Our “Tablescapes” concept was a fantastical cityscape made of crockery, populated with miniature people to make it appear larger than life — and tongue in cheek.

After Feast staff shopped for 60+ products from six stores (OK, seven including the mini people),  we got the shot list down to 41 unique shots. Photographer Ashley Gieseking then shot over  500 images to get the final 30 raw files needed. All of the photography was done in TOKY’s in-house photo studio, all in one loooong day. After the initial retouching and image clipping, we spent the next two days stitching it together in a massive retouching marathon, and we had three shots for the spreads above. Whew! Thank goodness it didn’t get changed after we turned it over to the editors.

Special shout outs to Ashley for her dedication and patience!

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Written by Eric Thoelke