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Stephen Schenkenberg Receives E-Book Nod From The New York Times

Last Friday morning, The New York Times’ Bits blog published a piece by David Streitfeld entitled “A Champion of the Book Takes to the iPad,” covering the release of Abstractions Arrive: Having Been There All the Time, a collaborative iPad-exclusive book from celebrated author William H. Gass and photographer Michael Eastman — a book published by none other than TOKY’s own Stephen Schenkenberg….

Tuning In To “Typesetting”

We designers love our type, which is why we at TOKY were excited to hear about typesetting (thanks to a tip from our friends at All Along Press). Premiering in April, typesetting is an online documentary series “that explores the relationship between designers, their work, and the cities in which they live…

Wang Shu: First the Pritzker, Then St. Louis

Much has been said about the benefits of being in the right place at the right time. Architect Wang Shu began his career at an opportune time in his country’s history. Professor Robert McCarter picked the right time a year ago to book Mr. Wang for the Sam Fox School’s Fumihiko Maki Lecture, as two days prior to his talk, Mr. Wang was awarded the 2012 Pritzker Prize…